Our reponsibilities


Halti thrives for excellence in the field of corporate social responsibility.

As a company we take responsibility for our social, environmental and financial footprint — based on the laws, rules and regulations of each market.

Social responsibility

● Our products are manufactured in socially and ethically acceptable conditions

● We treat our employees, suppliers and customers with respect

● As members of BSCI, we guarantee fair working conditions for our suppliers

● As an active and responsible member of society, Halti is committed to working with the youth, elderly and those affected by natural disasters

Environmental responsibility

● Halti designs and produces long-lasting quality products

● Our products are manufactured according to the REACH requirements, protecting people and nature from hazardous chemicals

● We disapprove of all unethical treatment of animals including force-feeding, live plucking and mulesing. Additionally, we do not use real fur in our products

Financial responsibility

● Our profitability creates the basis for improving all of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.



Halti's sustainable development programme

Respect for man and nature is the basis of all Halti’s activities. No one can ignore climate change and environmental issues anymore. Our products are designed for an outdoor life and sport, and it's important for us to bear our responsibility for our environmental and economic footprint. As a company, we also take full responsibility for respecting people by manufacturing our products in socially and ethically acceptable conditions, in compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries where we operate, as well as the guidelines of the industry. We look into the future — we think in the long term and do our best to ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy a clean environment. We think ahead!

Environmental responsibility

  • Halti designs and makes durable products and considers the environmental effects of each product's whole life cycle.
  • We are a bluesign system partner and demand that both our new and existing subcontractors comply with the detailed bluesign restricted substance list.
  • Our products are made in compliance with the REACH regulations, which protect people and the environment from industrial chemicals.
  • We do not use real fur in our products.
  • We follow the RDS standard, which means that our products are not made with feathers that are plucked from birds while they are still alive.
  • We do not accept the unethical treatment of animals, including forced feeding, the plucking of birds that are still alive, or wool production where mulesing is used.


  • Fabric used is certified bluesign approvedIt is produced of recycled material
  • The WR treatment is fluorocarbons free
  • It is made of organic cotton
  • It is made of high-quality down from strictly controlled suppliers, where the down is a by-product of food production

Corporate social responsibility

  • Our products are made in socially and ethically acceptable conditions.
  • Since 2010, our procurement operations have been guided by our membership of the Business Social Compliance Initiative, which guarantees fair working conditions and safeguards the rights of our subcontractors' workers.
  • As member of the FIBS Corporate Responsibility Network, we actively exert our influence to promote economically, socially and ecologically responsible operations and to maintain our awareness of these issues.
  • As member of the EOG organisation we take part in sustainable development projects in our industry and obtain first-hand information about matters relevant to our sector.
  • We support Protect Our Winters Finland, an organisation that campaigns against climate change and to save Finnish winters.

Our future aim

Since 2010, sustainable development has been an important element of Halti's business strategy. A lot has been done already, but we are continuing to improve our activities. We will continue to aim high. The following are our concrete targets in all our market areas:

  • We commit to increasing the proportion of our BSCI-audited suppliers to 80% by 2020 in all our product categories.
  • We are significantly increasing the use of recycled materials in our products.
  • We are improving our corporate responsibility in diverse ways as a member of FIBS and EOG.