Roosa Huhtikorpi, Climber

Roosa Huhtikorpi

Halti’s latest cooperation athlete is the climber Roosa Huhtikorpi from Helsinki.

This new talent took up climbing as a hobby as a six-year-old together with her brother Kuutti, who is two years older. A passionate climber, Roosa keeps herself in shape by climbing and jogging and when at home she trains at the Boulder Centre in Helsinki. Technically gifted and physically strong, Roosa loves both route climbing and bouldering, and she likes to travel to wherever sheer walls provide a sufficient challenge.

On the website, which ranks climbers according to their performances around the world, is Roosa in 10th place in bouldering and 14th in route climbing. One goal of Halti’s and Roosa’s cooperation is to update Halti’s climbing clothing from GradeVII to level 8a!