Patrick Degerman, Explorer

Patrick "Pata" Degerman

Pata is most likely the only person in Finland who can call himself an explorer. Pata has been part of and planned several expeditions in different parts of the world. On these expeditions he has climbed thirteen first ascents, skied, climbed and paddled in unexplored parts of the world from the Arctic to the the Antarctic along with experience in many different jungles.

In addition to these expeditions, Pata's work consists of lecturing. During the last five years he has held approx. 150 lectures per year, in companies, universities, fairs, clubs, schools etc. both in Finland and abroad. Patrick was elected "Speaker of the year" in Finland in 2006. Pata has studied at the Helsinki University of Industrial Design and has, during 12 years of cooperation, become one of Halti's closest partners with regard to designing and testing outdoor equipment.


• Mountain climbing in Antarctica - Ellsworth mountains doing 4 first ascents (Mt. Bentley / Mt.Davis + 2 unnamed ) and a third ascent on Mt. Gardner. One mountain named Mount SISU.
• Mountain climbing in east Greenland - Kong Christians Land doing 3 first ascents ( one solo ) - One mountain named Mount Patapata
• Expedition leader on Lafuma Amazonas 2001 Expedition in the Amazonian Rainforest
• Africa - Filming " Climbing of Kilimanjaro" - Marango route
• Expedition leader on the expedition "In the footsteps of Nordenskjöld" on Spitsbergen
• Expedition leader on the expedition to Mustang / Himalaya doing one first ascent on an unnamed peak 6052 m high
• Expedition leader on Tikehau 2004 Expedition on Tahiti - Paddling around the remote island of Tikehau in the Tuamotu archipelago
• Expedition leader on Borneo 2005 Expedition reaching the heart of Borneo's rainforest
• Expedition leader on "Offroad Iceland" Expedition driving offroad around the island and filming a documentary
• Mountain climbing in Antarctica - Queen Maud Land, Mühlig-Hofmann Fjella area doing 5 first ascents and naming Mount Finland
• Expeditionleader on Palau 2008 Expedition paddling in the archipelago of Palau / Micronesia
• Big wall climbing in Zion National Park / USA climbing Leaning walls classic route Space Shot IV, 5.8, C2 in 3 days
• Yasawa Expedition 2009 / Fiji. Paddling in the Yasawa Islands in northwest Fiji


• One of the founders of the Finnish Climbing Association
• Instructor on more than 80 rock and ice climbing courses for both beginners and intermediate climbers
• Instructor on more than 20 glacier travel and rescue courses
• Instructor on more than 20 leader/instructor courses (Finnish Climbing Association)
• Chairman of the Finnish Alpine Club
• Performed as a climber, stuntman or security person during commersial films or documentaries in Norway and the alps
• Author of the first Finnish climbing instruction handbook
• Author of an adventure instruction handbook "Sinustako Seikkailija"(Will you be an Adventurer) with P. Pohjola