Elina Sirparanta, Photographer

Elina Sirparanta

Elina is a Finnish born professional photographer who now lives in the mountain village of La Plagne, France and works all over the world.

Collaboration with Julien (Regnier) has been the foundation of Elina's photographic career. Julien introduced Elina not only to skiing but also to ski photography and cinematography. Julien had been working with Poor Boyz Productions for years and collaborated with photographers and magazines worldwide. Elina was fascinated by the images and started soon taking photos herself. And even though her first pictures were taken of Julien sliding on a rail, he has been the main influence in Elina's dedication to backcountry ski photography. In the late 90's and early 2000, she started focusing on backcountry skiing, an emerging trend within the freestyle movement.

Having had a chance to work closely with Julien and his friends, Elina has been able to witness and immortalize little bits of the development that has occurred in the backcountry freestyle skiing during the past eight years. Gravity, Elina's first photo book 2008 was also born out of that collaboration.