Halti in a Nutshell

Halti in a Nutshell

Halti is an outdoor company from the Finnish Lapland. The headquarters are located in Söderkulla, Finland. Company has a great history as a leading outdoor and equipment supplier in Finland since the mid 70's. Today Halti is a fast growing international company.

Halti designs and markets outdoor clothing collections including accessories, footwear and selected outdoor equipments for all seasons. The key product areas are winter sports (Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing) and Outdoor Sports. The products are sold under “Halti” and “Raiski” brands through sporting goods retailers, department stores and hypermarkets. Currently, there are more than 1 400 points of sale in over 15 countries. The key market areas are Finland and Central European alpine countries.

Halti is the most popular and well-known outdoor and sports brand in Finland that is targeted towards outdoor enthusiasts. Raiski brand is more well known in the Finnish markets. It offers value-for-money products for the whole family.

Since 2005, Halti has created a strong basis for accelerating export sales through significant investments in international sponsoring and marketing. The brand has received a wealth of international visibility and credibility e.g. due to being the chosen clothing partner for the most highly regarded winter sports events.

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