Halti Oy founded Sustainability Group

Climate change, environmental problems as well as workers’ rights also effect the outdoor clothing industry and sustainable, responsible design is becoming more important. End-users are becoming more environmentally aware, but the clothing features they appreciate most in extreme conditions are still functionality and safety.

Halti wants to continue offering high quality outdoor apparel as well as Halti wants to carry its responsibility and moves towards sustainability in all its actions. Sustainability is made up of production and material choices and ethicality from correct way of treating people. Each underpins the others, and the absence of one represents long-term instability for an organization.

It is very difficult for end-users to evaluate outdoor clothing’s environmental impact. Halti wants to offer only safe choice in the future. Good design, quality materials and the possibility to repair outdoor clothing will increase the life cycle of outdoor apparel. Halti’s Sustainability working group is working towards sustainability by multi frame approach. The different departments and professions of Halti are present in Sustainability Working Group. The group considers in its work all stages of life cycle, including packaging, transporting and office recycling, as well as social and cultural aspects.

Sustainable development is not just about the environment, but about the economy and our society as well. The concept of sustainability is enclosed within four aspects of sustainability, which are environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability. Halti Oy has also signed The Business Social Compliance Initiative (The BSCI) Code of Conduct. The BSCI Code of Conduct contains the social and environmental standards. By signing the BSCI Code of Conduct Halti is committed to take appropriate measures within its company policy for the implementation of and compliance towards these standards.

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Halti’s sustainability program

Halti has divided its Sustainability Program into two parts, Environmental and Social Sustainability Program.

Social Sustainability program includes Cultural Sustainability. This means that Halti Oy acknowledges worker’s cultural background, for example religious holidays abroad. We understand cultural aspects in every day life.

Environmental sustainable development encourages the conservation and preservation of natural resources and the management of energy, waste and transportation.  Some important aspects for environmental sustainability that demand attention are: compliance with environmental regulations, controlling and managing waste and other pollutants, efficient use of energy, minimizing transport impacts, both transportation of the employees to work and transportation associated with the organization’s activities.

Halti tries to use environmentally friendly materials and avoid waste in production. Halti heads for long term relationships with partners to suport environmental and economic sustainability.