Other Materials

Other Materials Used by Halti

X-STRETCH is a four-way stretch material that’s suitable for extreme sports. The smooth Tactel outer surface, which is suitable for extreme pursuits, withstands hard wear and tear and is very good at repelling dirt and moisture. The breathable Coolmax inner surface is cooling and comfortable against the skin.

ACTIVE DRY is a material that efficiently wicks moisture away from your skin and keeps you feeling pleasantly dry, even in intense use. The material does not absorb water itself, so it dries quickly. Active Dry is particularly suitable for wear as a base layer against bare skin in active sports.

MICRO TECHNOLOGY The microscopically thin fibres used in this fabric make it dense, breathable and windproof. Extremely light, these fabrics are particularly well suited for all kinds of active outdoor pursuits. Micro Technology fabrics protect you against strong wind, but also allow moisture to escape efficiently.

DRYQUICK DryQuick is material for active living providing extra com-fort and easy care. On becoming wet it spreads moisture over a wide area, thus making drying quicker.

X-VENT products include cotton polyester and polyamide blend fabrics in a variety of thicknesses and weights, so you can select the right thickness for a particular product. The fabric’s finish is selected according to its intended use, such as a wax treatment to improve its resistance to water and dirt.

ARCTY materials represent the latest generation of high-tech heat insulation materials. Arcty grades are ideal for mid layers, because their porous microstructure efficiently wicks moisture away from the base layer to the outermost layers of clothing. Excellent breathability and an exceptional weight to heat insulation ratio make Arcty fabrics the best possible protection against cold weather.

RIPSTOP materials have an excellent weight to tear resistance ra-tio. To improve their resistance to tearing, Ripstop materials weave together threads of different strengths, making them lightweight and durable. The reinforcement threads in Ripstop fabrics can be seen as a faint grid pattern on the surface of the fabric.

MERYL® SKINLIFE is a bacteriostatic material with excellent heat retaining properties. Thanks to its fibre technology designed for active use, moisture cannot migrate from fabric to skin, thereby keeping your skin dry. Silver particles within the fibres inhibit the growth of bacteria, maintain your skin’s natural equilibrium and prevent the formation of odours in the fabric.

ELASTANE is a stretchy fibre which, when used in fabrics, improves the fit of garments made with them. Stretchy fabrics enable form-fitting styles without sacrificing comfort.

MERINO WOOL is the elite of wool fibres. Its long fibres make this mate-rial remarkably soft, and it is comfortable to wear even next to the skin. The material has been treated to help it retain its shape, and wool naturally retains warmth even when wet.

COOLMAX® has a structure that’s composed of unique four-channel fibres, which can help pull moisture from the skin to keep the wearer from overheating. This keeps the body at a constant temperature, and the skin stays feeling dry.

DUPONT COMFORMAX CLASSIC DuPont ComforMax Classic has 4-5 times more fiberfill layers than other insulation. Each single fiberfill layer is only 5-10g/sqm and this true multi-layer structure is the sectret of superior performance.

EXKIN AIR is a soft and lightweight multi-layer structure which has functions similar to down. It is water repellent and quick dry and it maintains warmth even in wet conditions.

MICROTHERM Lightweight and pressed-thin padding, which functions wonderfully as thermal insultion with technical and waterproof materials. This microfibre padding is supple and warm. It maintains its characteristics well during hard use and washing.