Backpack Materials

Backpack materials


Strengthened Polyester fabric, made with a special weaving technique. Triple-treated with Polyurethane to make it waterproof. The fabric’s outer surface is also treated to make it dirt- and moisture-repellent.

Cotex 500

Polyamide fabric, waterproof-treated with Polyurethane. Outer surface of fabric is also treated to make it dirt- and moisture-repellent.

Cotex 1000

Fabric used in bottom sections of backpacks. Made with the same technology as Cotex 500, but thicker and even stronger.

Honeycomb Ripstop

Polyester fabric with honeycomb structure that strengthens the fabric, thus enabling lighter basic materials to be used.


Soft, non-rustling fabric for hunting backpacks Waterproof membrane is on the reverse side of the fabric.

420 Dobby

Waterproof and dirt-repellent fabric, with reinforcement threads.

Polyester 600D

Comfortable and flexible waterproof fabric used in backpacks and bags intended for daily use, with tripe PU coating.

Coolvent back section

Coolvent is a 3-layer mesh material which leaves an air channel between the back and the pack.


Very strong backpack material, combining the wear strength of Polyester and the agreeable qualities of canvas.


Completely waterproof laminated material that withstands hard use

Cross Diamond Ripstop

Ripstop reinforced dirt-repellent material, which due to its lightness is highly suitable for products whose weight should be reduced.