Sleeping Bag Materials

Sleeping Bag Materials

Sleeping bag fabrics

Polyamide / Ripstop

Fabric that is extremely fine and light, but at the same time also down-proof. Fabric is heat-treated to make it softer. Ripstop structure means that a reinforcement check is woven into the fabric with thicker yarn. The Denier number (D) expresses the fabric’s thickness, e.g. 30D or 15D

Meryl 35 / Ripstop

Superlite sleeping bag fabric. Meryl fabric is made of microscopically fine filaments exploiting the latest technology.

Ultralite R/S

DuPont Tactel Ultralite Ripstop Polyamide. Lightweight fabric woven from DuPont Tactel microfilaments, with structure strengthened by a strong Ripstop knit.

Honeycomb Ripstop

Polyamide fabric which has been woven into a honeycomb Ripstop knitted structure Polyester Fabric made of Polyester fibre with either water-repellent treatment or moisture transferring treatment.

Soft Touch Polyester

This fabric, treated by a special method, has a soft, fluffy surface that disperses and evaporates moisture and is comfortable against the skin.


This fabric combines the comfortable softness of Cotton and the moisture-resistant properties and durability of Polyester.

Sleeping bag fillings

All down used by Halti is collected from birds that are already dead. Down or feathers are not plucked from living birds.

100% Down

100% down, a natural product recovered from poultry produced for food.

Fill power

The fill power value is expressed in the springiness and bounce of the down. 700 is an extremely high value and reflects good insulation and the high quality of the down.

90/10 Down

High quality down in ratio 90 / 10. 90% down and 10% small feathers, giving the filling more springiness and lightness.


New-age technology product. Developed in cooperation with one of the world’s leading fibre manufacturers, this insulation functions flawlessly also in the harsh and variable weather conditions of the North.

Quattrofil 7

Seven-cavity fibre, which stores heat within it and insulates efficiently against cold.