Tent Materials

Tent Materials

Outer tents

Silicon Nylon R/S

Silicone treatment makes the fabric tougher and more resistant to tearing. Slush and snow does not easily stick to this fabric. Ripstop structure strengthens the fabric. Fabric’s tearing strength on 17.5 kg

Polyester Ripstop

PU 4000 mm or 3000 mm. Quality outer tent material, coated with Polyurethane (PU) to make it waterproof. The coating’s water-column value is expressed as a figure, either 3000 or 4000 mm,
which means the height of the water column on a square centimetre. This material also has taped seams thereby improving the waterproofing further. Ripstop structure strengthens the fabric and improves its tear-resistance.

UV Protected Strong 200D Oxford Polyester

Nearly three times stronger tent fabric compared to regular fabrics. Withstands tearing and UV radiation extremely well.


PU 2000 / 3000 / mm Waterproof fabric used in tents intended for summer use. This fabric is also taped at the seams to improve waterproofing further.

Silvered Polyester

Basic fabric the same as above, but silver colour has been added to the PU solution. The silvering improves heat reflectance away from the tent fabric. This property is especially good in lean-tos and rescue blankets.

Inner tents

Oxford Polyamide

Material used in specially strong outer tents, groundsheets and stuff sacks due its excellent durability to wear and puncture resistance. This fabric is also coated to make it waterproof.

40D Ripstop Polyamide

Water-repellent but superlite fabric that ventilates a tent well.

Breathable Ripstop Polyamide

Used in inner tents, this fabric is waterrepellent but ventilates the inner space well. Ripstop reinforces the fabric to make it stronger.

Breathable Polyamide or Polyester

Used in inner tents, this fabric is waterrepellent but ventilates the inner space well.

Film-laminated PE (Polythene)

Extremely strong and durable tent groundsheet material, intended for summer tents.